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Emma G. - g.emma1965@yahoo.co.uk - обман
От кого: "Emma G." <g.emma1965@yahoo.co.uk>
Кому: "erbez@mail.ru" <erbez@mail.ru>
15 мая, 17:23

I hope you understand english.I want you to know from the beginning that the car is already at a shipping company custody but i can send it to your home address in 3-4 working days.The car is in excellent condition,never in any accidents,the engine works perfectly, it has the technical book and all papers,REAL km.I sell it so cheap because i just moved back in London UK and i bring the car with me but here i can't sell it because it has the steering wheel on the left side.All the transaction will be made though the shipping company.They work like an escrow service.Please let me know soon if you are really interested and i will send you more info about this transaction.

Thank you,

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