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Emma Graham - emma.g2000@yahoo.co.uk - Мошенник

As I told you, the bike is in UK ,London now.I worked in Russia from where i bought the bike but now i just came back home(in UK )and i bring the bike with me. It still has Russian papers so you won't have any problems registering it on your name.Since the bike is already deposited at the delivery company, they will handle the entire transaction. It is very simple, I used them before and I am 100% satisfied with their services because they protect both of us (buyer and seller). As I said, I will pay the delivery taxes .
Let me explain you how it works:
1)First you have to send me your shipping information (your name and address).
2)After I receive your shipping info, I'll go to the company and confirm that you are the buyer.
3)You will receive a notification from them as a confirmation that the  bike is in their custody and also,that the  bike has been tested.
4)After that, you will have to make deposit payment on the shipping company Department and address,as a guarantee and send the payment information to them.
( you must send a deposit of 50 % first and rest of the money 50% after you will receive the bike )
5)The shipping company will verify the payment, and if everything is in order, they will deliver the  bike to your location.
6)After you will receive the  bike and you will be completely satisfied with it, you will instruct them with your decision. You have 10 days to inspect it and take a decision.
If you don't keep it,they will refund back your deposit amount.
7)If by any reason, you will not be satisfy  by the  bike ,you will send back the bike to the shipping company with no expense.

Let me know if we can do this
Emma Graham
To: emma.g2000@yahoo.co.uk
Date: Wednesday, 8 May, 2013, 9:20
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