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FrenAutos SL - frenautos.com - Pablo Picasso 1-3 Venta del Viso - Almería 04745 Spain - contact@frenautos.com
FrenAutos SL
Pablo Picasso 1-3
04745 - Venta del Viso (Almería)
FrenAutos SL
Pablo Picasso 1-3
Venta del Viso - Almería

E-mail: contact@frenautos.com
Telephone: +34 950 950 228
Information: From Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 18:00

Buying a vehicle from a dealer in Europe seems easy, but many people are put off by the language barrier, the hassle and complicated rules of importing/exporting vehicles into any European country.

"FrenAutos SL" is a specialist that aims to make the purchase of your next vehicle, a hassle free experience whether you live in Spain, are an ex-patriot that would prefer dealing with a spanish company or simply looking to purchase at the best price your car, motorhome, caravan, atv, motorcycle or jetski.
There are many reasons to choose us when considering your next vehicle purchase.

We aim to:
- Supply you with the exact make and model you are looking for, thanks to our extended dealer network.
- Cheaper in comparison to the prices of vehicle on the continent. We aim all markets. Our agents in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Netherland, Belgium can source your vehicle.
- Handle all of the logistics involved in the purchase from the European dealer. We have cross European drivers and deal with best transport companies in Europe.
- Organise all the paper work. Our multilingual staff will be happy to help.
- Deal with any delivery or special requirements you may have thanks to our experienced sales team.

Our success is dependent on delighting every client in all aspects of the varied service we provide. Unlike many other organisations, where a sales person passes a lead to an office-based assistant, we deal personally with each client. You will have a single, named point of contact throughout the process; we keep you up-to-date at all stages, with regard to payments, paperwork and delivery dates. If anything changes or looks uncertain, we speak to you. Immediately. We’d rather cancel a sale than deliver a flawed vehicle.
We are fully accustomed to handling, and arranging deliveries of, luxury vehicles. We ensure they are looked after as if they were our own!


Why Us?

You can buy a car from Europe on your own instead of using our services, but there are several possible pitfalls you should consider. It’s possibly easiest if we list the advantages and disadvantage of each approach:
Do it yourself

You're likely to end up paying well over the odds for your vehicle. That's because European dealers know we pay more for vehicles in Spain so they're well aware of the prices the average citizen is prepared to pay!
You may not be given the exact specification of vehicle you want.
You are likely to incur additional 'hidden' costs imposed by the dealer for things like inward delivery, export documentation, paperwork, vehicle cleaning and fuel.
You'll be charged the tourist rate of exchange for currency transactions. That's 2-5% worse than the business rate.
If something goes wrong, you'll only be protected by the prevailing contract laws in whichever country the dealer is located.
You'll have to deal with unfamiliar export documentation in order to have your vehicle brought to the Spain.
You'll have to arrange your own vehicle insurance.
You'll have to make your own transport arrangements.
You'll have to register and tax your vehicle in Spain.

FrenAutos SL

We do everything for you - and you pay less for your vehicle!

We’ve been doing this for over 12 years, and have excellent contacts with manufacturers and agents across Europe. We speak their languages, or have affiliates in each country who will work with us, and we recognise that this is an expensive purchase for you - it’s not a can of beans! It’s something which is almost an extension of your personality, so you want, and need, it to be right – from start to end, from top to tail, bonnet to boot.

We also know you’ll probably be in the market for another vehicle in a few years, so, as we mentioned earlier, we want you to come back to us.

How can "FrenAutos SL" help me?

We're here to help every step of the way and show you just how easy it can be to buy from Europe when you’ve got us on your side.

We negotiate discounted prices on new and pre-owned vehicles, from hundreds of reputable dealers throughout Europe. So we can help you find the exact vehicle you're looking for, deal with all the paperwork and make the delivery arrangements, whether you want to collect the vehicle yourself or have it delivered to your door.

Where do your vehicles come from?

We source our vehicles very carefully, only using dealers with excellent reputations who’re able to supply certified vehicles IMMEDIATELY. We spend a great deal of time looking for new dealers and monitoring our existing ones to ensure you always get the best prices and service.

Why are your prices so competitive?

Up-to-date list prices from every country in Europe are sent to us every hour of every day. We negotiate the best prices possible and we work on small margins and quick turnover: all to guarantee you the best deal available on your new or pre-owned vehicle.

Are all your vehicles to European specification?

Yes, we'll ensure that your vehicle meets official European specification criteria.

Who deals with the paperwork?

We do! Basically, we make buying a vehicle from abroad as simple as visiting your local showroom (only much cheaper!).

We'll make sure your vehicle comes with valid documentation to prove it conforms to European transport regulations. This comes from our European Dealership supplier so your vehicle will be ready to register in your country.
The price you pay for your vehicle will usually include Temporary European Transit Plates.
We'll check that your vehicle's export papers are valid and up to the standard required for registration.

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