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gktecserv.eu - GKT Europe Cargo Services - Eline Mesman - Sales Department

 me to make a resume! This way we can avoid any misunderstandings.

 mentioned previously we are talking about a vehicle that is already
 in our custody, a vehicle that our certified inspection department
 has inspected and analyzed the vehicle documents, so it is certified
 and ready for sale.
 In case you were not informed, the
 Russian customs duties for this vehicle have been paid and you don't
 have to pay anything else at registration.
 The vehicle has
 the insurance paid for the next 60 days and can transit through any
 country! The vehicle has all the necessary documents in order to be
 registered in your name right away! You will also receive the keys of
 vehicle and all related documents at the time of delivery!

 The total price of 25.800 Euro includes the vehicle price, the
 delivery costs, winter tires and all other expenses! The seller will
 pay for shipping and handling (even if you refuse the vehicle)!

 vehicle will be delivered to your address in maximum 15 working days.
 Delivery procedures will be started once we sign the contract and the
 funds are transferred to our escrow account by bank transfer.

 At the time of delivery you will have 5 (five) working days to test
 the vehicle and have it in inspected at a certified dealership. In
 this time your money will be safe in our escrow bank account.

 If you refuse the vehicle you must present us the reasons: reports
 from a certified dealership, lack of documents, etc. and after that
 you will get your money back (the entire amount ) in maximum 48
 hours. If you agree to keep the vehicle then we will transfer the
 money from our escrow account to the seller as payment for the
 Also, if you agree to keep the vehicle, our agent,
 the person who will deliver the vehicle to you, will help you with
 the registration procedure and all documents you need for

 can not provide the original contract in Russian language, but you
 can translate it at any authorized translator!

 click to view our escrow
 Please click to view the escrow

 Please click
 to view the
 detailed procedure of your transaction.
 To view a draft
 copy of the contract, please click
 English or click
 Please note that this is just a draft copy of the
 contract and can be modified at request. Please confirm that you have
 read the complete transaction procedure and agree to it.

 everything is clear to you, please confirm and send us the following
 details of the buyer (the person that will sign the contract) so we
 can prepare the contract and send it to you for signing:
 -Full address of residence(street name, street number, city,
 zip code - index, region):
 -Delivery address (if different then
 the address of residence):
 -Date of birth:
 -Passport series and


 Eline Mesman
 Sales Department
 GKT Europe Cargo

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 your e-mail!

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 contains proprietary information and may be confidential. If you are
 not the intended recipient of this e-mail, you are hereby notified
 that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this message is
 strictly prohibited. If you received this message in error, please
 delete it immediately. This e-mail was sent by GKT
 Europe Cargo Services®

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