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K Walton Logistics Opel Frontera Name: Base Mark David Aaron
I just return from the transport company. All documents was ready today and I have start the transport of the car to your address. All transaction and car documents have been sealed, and will be opened in your presence and a notary public or your lawyer from your city when you receive the car.

 The transport will take around 10 days and you will receive the car on Friday, 5 April 2013.
I have paid all the transport fees 486 GBP (around 900 USD).

Transaction ID:              26KWL03UA955
Starting date:                26.03.2013
Date of arrival:              05.04.2013
Status:                           Payment Pending
Transport Content:         2002 Opel Frontera 2.2 DTI Limited
Vehicle Description:      Good condition, no damages; [....] Registered in Kiev, Ukraine and Got Customs Clearance [....]
Price:                             5,000.00 USD
Quantity Sold:                1
Insurance:                      Yes
Shipping:                       Offered
*Please check the transaction details for an accurate delivery in order to avoid delays.
K Walton Logistics Account Details:
Bank Name:             Barclays Bank
Account Holder:       K Walton Logistics

 Bank Branch:           Forest Gate / E7 9HH
Country:                   United Kingdom
Account number:     3309-9865
IBAN:                       GB03 BARC 2089 1533 0998 65

 SWIFT:                     BARCGB22
Short Code:              20-89-15
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