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KS Express Limited - ks-exp-ltd.co.uk - +44 (0)817-319-4491 - Base Mark David Aaron
Base Mark David Aaron
I just return from the transport company. All documents was ready today and I have start the transport of the car to your address. All transaction and car documents have been sealed, and will be opened in your presence and a notary public or your lawyer from your city when you receive the car.
The transport will take around 11 days and you will receive the car on Friday, 19 April 2013.
I have paid all the transport fees 486 GBP (around 900 USD).
Here is your tracking number to check you transport status on the transport company website:08KSE04UA811.
Here is the transport company website: ks-exp-ltd.co.uk
The transport company is called KS Express Limited and is specialized in delivering cars worldwide. They will arrive at your address with the car, then will help you with documents and to register the car on your name, they will handle with the entire transaction.
Here is a copy from the CMR (proof that your car was sent) and from the Sales Contract and of the Purchase Order( Bill of Sale) and from the Vehicle Description. All the documents and the car were verified by Interpol and Europol. All the documents has been signed by the transport company, by me and by a public notary that has verify and legalize the transaction.
The transport company will contact you during this day, and will send you an Invoice in your email with all the details for the transport and payment. Please follow the instructions there so you can receive the car without any delay. Please verify your email address : inbox, bulk, spam folders.
Please email me after you receive the company Invoice. Also if you need extra details, just reply to the company email.
Thank you!

KS Express Limited
Dear Customer,
Your transaction started today and was authenticated by a public notary.
The car is registered in Kiev, Ukraine and the car have all customs duties paid.
You will not pay duty, the car got custom clearance for Ukraine.
The car and all documents have been verified by Interpol and Europol. The car is clean and is not involved in any investigation.
Now the car and all the documents are on the way to your address. If you follow our instructions, the transport will not have delay and the car will arrive to your address on 19th April 2013.
The next step is that you must transfer the price of the car into our bank account.
we offer the opportunity
to pay
half in our account bank and half after you receive and accept the car.
The payment will remain into our bank account until you receive and test the car.
The Seller will not receive any payment until you receive the car and buy it.
We will forward the payment to the Seller only after your approval that you buy the car .
If by any reason you don't like the car or are problems with documents, you will cancel the transaction and we will refund you all money back.
You have to complete the bank transfer until Wednesday, until 12:00 o'clock.
You have our bank details in the Invoice that we have sent to you.
After you complete the bank transfer please reply us with a copy of the bank transfer receipt.
Thank you for understanding and cooperation!
KS Express Limited
Bury Old Road
Salford M7 4QY
United Kingdom
Company No. 08141904
Web: ks-exp-ltd.co.uk
Email: support@ks-exp-ltd.co.uk
Tel: +44 (0)817-319-4491
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