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Paul Bower - paulbower200012051971@gmail.com - B.I. Logistic LTD


My passport as a attachment!

   The shipping charges will be 300$. That means that the full sum you have to pay is 6500 $ INCLUDING CUSTOM CLEARANCE. The car is now deposited at a shipping company in LONDON sealed, all documents inside and ready for transport.

If you still are interested, this is how we can do business:

- I will need your full name, full address, personal phone number and a copy of your passport or driver`s license needed for the sales contract and paperwork.

- After this I will go with your transport details at the company.

- They will send you a confirmation of the transport and the sales contract and everything needed for you to sign in order to receive the car.

- Once you received the e-mail with the details you will receive also the a unique Tracking Number for you to check on their website for your package.

- When they will be ready to start the transport to your address you will receive the Payment Request in order to deposit the amount to their official bank account. The payment will be done using bank to bank transfer.

- After they will confirm you that the payment is received, the transport will begin and in 5-6 working days you will receive the vehicle for a 2-5 days of testing period.
*  If you will not like the car or you think it is not like on the website you will inform the company about this problem and they will come over and take the car and transport it back to me, I will be responsable for the re-shipping taxes if necesarry.
*  If you like the car the company will help you with the documents in case you need.

I explained you the conditions of the company and hope you understand!
I will wait for your e-mail if you accept the conditions above.


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