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Paul Heacher - paulheacher01@hotmail.com - МОШЕННИКИ
Добрый вечер! К сожалению больше он мне никак отвечать не хочет. Вот его объявление http://vologda.vlg.slando.ru/obyavlenie/audi-a4-avant-1-8t-ID7NYKP.html#f6ba71349c;r:76;s:903
Телефонов нет, только свяжитесь с мной по почте. Ну мы и написали, т.к. удивила цена и город наш указан, на следующий день получили ответ. Т.к. с английским у меня очень плохо, пользовалась переводчиком. Где-то на третьем сообщении поняла, что развод, когда написал чтобы деньги мы перевели, а машина потом, ну и решили его проверить. Выдумали что у нас там друзья по работе будут, напишите мол свой адрес, они подъедут посмотрят, с тех пор он молчит... Вот переписка -

Paul Heacher <paulheacher01@hotmail.com>     27 февраля 2013 г., 13:37
Мне очень жаль , но мой Russisch язык не очень хорошо, поэтому я пишу на английском языке . Пожалуйста, используйте: http://translate.google.ru/Если возможно, пожалуйста , ответь мне на английском языке .Where are you ? I am glad that you are interested to buy my car. The car works and stands in perfect condition, I never had any problems with the engine and the car has no accidents. The price is 5.000 USD. The car got custom clearance in Russia,  Belarus and Kazakhstan. We live in Billigham near Stockton, United Kingdom. I am a police officer and I have worked as chief of security for the oil company  in your country, and there I bought the car. The car has all the documents of registration numbers for your country. I am interested in selling the car because here in the United Kingdom I can not register the car ( steering wheel should be on the right ), and anyway  here I have the family car and I do not need a second car. I think the price is very attractive but I want to sell the car as soon as possible. I am agree to Transport the car to your address on my costs .Here are more details of my car and some pictures:Audi A4 Avant 1.8T  Turbo QuattroRegistration date: 10. 12. 2000Mileage: 146.000 kmPower: 110 kW / 150 HpFuel: PetrolColor:Green MetallicCategory: UsedGearbox: ManualDoors: 5Seats: 5Speed:5Cylinders: 4Displacement: 1781 ccParking sensorsBoard computerTransmission: 5 - speed manualElectronic parking assistanceAutomatic climate controlAnti-lock braking system (ABS)Electronic differential lock (EDL)Electronic Tracking System (ETS)Traction control (ASR)Electronic Stability Program (ESP)Electronic brake force distribution(EBD)Parc Distance Control(PDC)Electrically operated tailgateBi-Xenon Headlights6-disc CD changer, great sound systemAirbag passengerAirbag driverSide airbagAirbags "Full Size" - 10 X airbagOutside temperature - displayElectric windowsRear headrestsHeated seatsFog lightsTurboPower steeringImmobilizerWinter  tiresCentral locking with radio remote controlExcellent condition, great optics, guaranteed mileageCar garage, no dents and scratchesVery well maintained vehicle inside and very cleanNon smoking vehicleNo accidentsTop ConditionAnti-theft alarm system with interior monitoring and tow away protectionEverything on the car works perfectlyThank you,Paul HeacherHere are some pictures:http://s9.postimage.org/49l9ry9wf/image.jpghttp://s9.postimage.org/exp0qsjvj/image.jpghttp://s9.postimage.org/4c55esdjz/image.jpghttp://s9.postimage.org/b3vkhn2jj/image.jpghttp://s9.postimage.org/il4rwus2n/image.jpghttp://s9.postimage.org/kqz2rcvj3/image.jpghttp://s9.postimage.org/4u0aun34v/image.jpghttp://s9.postimage.org/h9x0odwgv/image.jpghttp://s9.postimage.org/d228fmv1b/image.jpghttp://s9.postimage.org/8hg20pbbz/image.jpghttp://s9.postimage.org/5c01o8i3j/image.jpghttp://s9.postimage.org/pxetg4zof/image.jpg
    4 марта 2013 г., 6:57
Кому: Paul Heacher <paulheacher01@hotmail.com>
Good afternoon. I'm from Vologda, Russia. Where are you? First, I want to see a car, is it possible? Or a car in the United Kingdom?

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Paul Heacher <paulheacher01@hotmail.com>     4 марта 2013 г., 8:59

Hello again
The car is in very good running condition, no damages, accidents or scratches no need repairs of course,it is in perfect condition inside and outside , as well the condition of the engine is perfect. I never smoke in it and I want to sell it to a serious person who will take very good care of the car.
First I must tell you that We live in Billingham near Stockton, United Kingdom and the car is here with me. I hope this in not a problem! I have used the car in Russia (It still has Russia papers) but here the taxes are very big so I can't register it!! I have worked for my company in Russia but now I am back home! Due to the economic crisis I need to sell the car fast!! I have tried to sell it here but nobody wanted it! Someone advice me to sell it on the continent because it still has Russia papers and will be easier!
If you want the car you can come here to take it or, if you can't come I would like to use a shipping company for this deal. The process is very easy. This company will handle the delivery of the car and also they will handle all the registration papers. If you want, the company will help you with all the registration papers in your country!
 Please don't contact me if you do not have the money for the car or if you only e-mail for simple curiosity!
Best regards

    4 марта 2013 г., 9:09
Кому: Paul Heacher <paulheacher01@hotmail.com>
Pay before or after the car? And in what way?

Sorry for my english.

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Paul Heacher <paulheacher01@hotmail.com>     4 марта 2013 г., 9:10

The transport company will have the power of attorney and they will complete the documents in my name .
When I will send you the car, the shipping company will inspect the car and all documents. After I sent you the car, the shipping company will contact you with a invoice.
In the invoice you will find details about the documents, car condition, delivery, payment and the tracking number.
Also I will send you the copy of contract of sale, which you must to sign it after you have inspected the documents and after you have tested the car.
The contract will be sign and stamped by the transport company and by a Public notary that have legalized the transaction.
The transaction is safe and secure for both of us, we are full protected, your money will stay in the shipping company custody until you will receive, inspect and buy the car.
Send me your shipping details:
Postal Code:
Thank you!

    4 марта 2013 г., 9:19
Кому: Paul Heacher <paulheacher01@hotmail.com>
I toevening after work will consult with the family. After that, I'll write you an answer. OK?
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Paul Heacher <paulheacher01@hotmail.com>     4 марта 2013 г., 9:52

    6 марта 2013 г., 6:53
Кому: Paul Heacher <paulheacher01@hotmail.com>
Good morning! We decided to buy you a car. But first see him. Give me your full address with the phone. Sister of my girlfriend now works and lives in York.

    6 марта 2013 г., 10:57
Кому: Paul Heacher <paulheacher01@hotmail.com>
Why do you not answer me? You don't sell the car?
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