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www.aml-limited.co.uk - мошенники
I just return from the transport company . I have started the transport of the car to your address. The transport will take around 10 working days . I have paid all the transport fees (around 780 USD).
Your tracking number is AML мой трек номер
Here is the transport company website : www.aml-limited.co.uk
You can check it on their website .
Here is a copy of the sale contract and of the Purchase Order( Bill of Sale). All the documents has been signed by the transport company , by me and by a public notary that has verify and legalize the transaction .
For more security i have scanned my identity documents .
The transport company will contact you during this day , and they will send you an Invoice in your email with all the details for the transport and payment . Please follow the instructions there so you can receive the car without any delay .
Please verify your email address : inbox, bulk, spam folders
For more information just reply to the company email .

Please let me know when you receive the invoice .
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