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www.aml-limited.co.uk - Мошенники
Жаль мне, но мой Russisch язык не так хорошо, поэтому я пишу на английском языке.
Пожалуйста, используйте: # http://translate.google.ru/
Если возможно, пожалуйста, ответьте мне на английском языке

Hello there ,

Where are you from?
I am glad that you are interested to buy my bike . The bike works and stands in perfect condition, I never had any problems with the engine and it has never been involved in any accidents.
The price is 3300 USD .
The bike got custom clearance in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine .
Please contact me if you are interested on the bike . In this moment I am not in the country ,but I agree to complete the transaction without any extra costs. I am interested in selling the bike because I have recently married and my wife doesn't agree with the idea of having a motorcycle and I am forced to sell it fast .

Here are more details of my bike and some pictures :

Manufacturer: KTM
Model : EXC 525
Capacity: 510
Starter Type: Electric Starter
Type: Enduro / Supermoto
Drive: Chain
Color: Orange
Number of owners: 1
Registration Date: 2004
Mileage: 8979

на запросы фото никак не реагирует, довольно долго общались, в итоге:
Hello again
Thanks for your reply!
The bike is in very good running condition, no damages, accidents or scratches no need repairs of course .
First I must tell you that I am located in United Kingdom and the bike is here with me. I hope this in not a problem! I have used the bike in Russia (It still has Russia papers). I have worked for my company in Russia but now I am back home ! Because my wife doesn't agree with the idea of having a motorcycle I need to sell it fast ! I have tried to sell it here but nobody wanted it ! Someone advice me to sell it on the continent because it still has Russia papers and will be easier!
If you have the opportunity to come here then it will be perfect.
If not , then I am ready to transport the bike back to you and pay the costs of the transport.I will use a transport company for this transport . The process is very easy. This company will handle the delivery of the bike and also they will handle all the registration papers. In this time you will receive the tracking number of the transaction so you can use it to check the status on the company website. If we will use it you will have 5 days for testing the bike before deciding to buy it. They will also give me the payment after you will decide to keep it.
I will pay the delivery of the bike ! The delivery time will be around 10 working days and the bike will be delivered at your home address. If you want, the company will help you with all the registration papers in your country!

Please don't contact me if you do not have the money for the bike or if you only e-mail for simple curiosity!


Hello ,

The price of the bike (final price 3300 USD) include all the shipping taxes and all the other fees so you will need to pay only the amount for the bike and nothing extra. It will come with original documents, the shipping company will handle all the details of the transaction , they will deliver you the bike at your home address so you don`t have to go and pick it up !
By dealing with this third party means dealing with a neutral party , a company that verifies if the merchandise is sent and coresponds to what seller agreed with the buyer and release the money only after the merchandise was accepted. I used this service before and will help us do the deal safe and easy .
You will have an inspection period of 3-5 days as we have decided (I think 5 days are enough). In this time you can check and inspect the bike . An company agent will be there to help you to register the bike . The payment will be made to the third party, not to me, after I start the delivery of the bike ! If by any reason (the bike has any hidden damage or it isn't like I describe it) you can reject the deal. In this case the company will refund you totally amount that you have send to them and send the bike back to me on my costs. The bike was verified by an company trade qualified automotive technician and it has passed all the test with no problems.

Please e-mail me with your decision and your shipping details:

Full name:
City :
Country :
Postal Code:

Thank you!

Best regards

далее я отправил данные ответ:

thank you for your information
tomorrow in the morning I will go at the shipping company with the bike and let them the bike and all documents
after this i will email you all details you need

PS : I hope you are a trusted person

На следующий день получил уведомление из ТК AML, дескать все готово у отправке, только пополните депозит. АЛАН письмо параллельно написал:

I just return from the transport company . I have started the transport of the bike to your address. The transport will take around 10 working days . I have paid all the transport fees (around 500 USD).
Your tracking number is AML0309001
Here is the transport company website : http://aml-limited.co.uk
You can check the tracking number on their website .
Here is a copy of the Sale Contract and of the Purchase Order( Bill of Sale).
All the documents has been signed by the transport company , by me and by a public notary that has verify and legalize the transaction .
For more security I have scanned my passport .
The transport company will contact you during this day , and they will send you an Invoice in your email with all the details for the transport and payment .
Please follow the instructions there so you can receive your bike without any delay .
Please verify your email address : inbox, bulk, spam folders
For more information just reply to the company email .

Please let me know when you receive the invoice .
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