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mark.base65@gmail.com - мошенник
Мне очень жаль, но мой Rusisch не очень хорошо, поэтому пишу на английском языке. Пожалуйста, используйте: http://translate.google.ru/
Если возможно, ответьте мне на английском языке.
Where are you from? I am glad that you are interested to buy my car. The car works and stands in perfect condition, I never had any problems with the engine and the car has no accidents. The price is 4.000 USD. The car is registered in your country and got custom clearance. We live in Exeter Devon that is 200 miles from London, United Kingdom. I am an engineer and I have worked for the oil company in your country, and there I bought the car. The car has all the documents of registration numbers for your country. I am interested in selling the car because here in the United Kingdom I can not register the car (steering wheel should be on the right), and anyway here I have the family car and I do not need a second car. I think the price is very attractive but I want to sell the car as soon as possible. I am agree to Transport the car to your address on my costs.
Here are some more details of my car and some pictures :
2003 Opel Astra
108,000 Km
Cubic Capacity: 2198 cm³
108 kW (147 Hp)
Manual gearbox
Number of Seats: 5
Door Count: 2/3 Doors
Emission Class: Euro4
Emissions Sticker: 4 (Green)
Colour: Silver metallic
Interior Type: Full leather
Interior Colour: Black
Central locking
Automatic air conditioning
Cruise control
Electric heated seats
Electric windows
Leather seats
Power Assisted Steering
Alloy wheels
Full Service History
Front and Side Airbags
Opel Astra Coupe Bertone features 2.2 liter 147 HP, Euro 4 Cat Free
Ride green sticker, checkbook maintained, automatic climate control, heated seats, full
Leather seats, multifunction sports leather steering gearbox, cruise control, 5 speed
4 headrest,  EL immobilizer, window EL, EL mirrors, ABS
Driver passenger side airbags, CD player, alloy wheel, tinted glass, metallics, ESP.
Best Regards !
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кому: Mark

Буду пользоваться Вашим способом общения http://translate.google.ru/
Я нахожусь в Киеве. Готов купить Ваш автомобиль. Мне не понятно почему Вы скрыли номера, это Ваше дело :)

Хочу сразу предупредить, у нас много махинаций проходит через интернет. Поэтому я буду осторожным. Прдлагаю следуюющую схему: Вы доставляете машину в Киев, я ее осматриваю, переписываем на меня, и я рассчитываюсь. Никаких денег я не дам, пока не увижу машины и не убежусь что с ней все хорошо и нет никаких подводов.


I will use your method of communication http://translate.google.ru/
I am in Kiev. Ready to buy your car. I do not understand why you have hidden rooms, it is your business :)

I want to warn, we have many scams is through the Internet. So I'll be careful. Prdlagayu sleduyuyuschuyu scheme: You deliver the car in Kiev, I did look around, we can write to me, and I had hoped. Any money I give until I have seen the car and not convinced that she was fine and there are no carts.

Mark Base
6 марта (2 дн. назад)

The car is in very good running condition, no damages, no accidents or scratches. No need repairs of course, it is in perfect condition inside and outside, as well the condition of the engine is perfect. I never smoke in it and I want to sell it to a serious person who will take very good care of the car.
The car is equipped with summer tires (used 30 %), and I will send you a set of 4x winter tires, because I not longer need them, and I used them only one season, the winter tires are like new.
First, I must tell you that I am located in Exeter, Devon / United Kingdom and the car is here with me. I hope this in not a problem! I have used the car in Ukraine (It still has Ukrainian documents) but here the taxes are very big so I can't register it!! I have worked for my company in Ukraine but now I am back home! Due to the economic crisis I need to sell the car fast!! I have tried to sell it here but nobody wanted it! Someone advised me to sell it on the continent because it still has Ukrainian documents and will be easier!
If you want the car you can come here to take it, or if you can't come I would like to use a shipping company for this deal. The process is very easy. This company will handle the delivery of the car and also they will handle all the registration papers. If we will use it, you will have 5 to 10 days for testing the car before deciding to buy it. They will also give me the payment after you will decide to keep the car.
I will pay the delivery of the car! The delivery time will be around 10 days and the car will be delivered at your home address. In this time you will receive the tracking number of the transaction so you can use it to check the transport status on the company website. If you want, the company will help you with all the registration papers in your country!
Please don't contact me if you do not have the money for the car or if you only e-mail for simple curiosity!

Best regards!
кому: Mark

If everything is as you say, then I'm buying. The money is there. Priganyay car. The main thing, I did not have any questions on installation at DAI (MPEG).


Mark Base
6 марта (2 дн. назад)

кому: мне
русский   Перевести сообщение
Отключить для языка: английский

The price for the car (final price 4000 USD) include all the shipping taxes and all the other fees, so you will need to pay only the amount for the car and nothing extra. It will come with original documents, the shipping company will handle with all the details of the transaction, they will deliver you the car at your home address so you don`t have to go and pick it up! The car has no accidents as I told you before!
By dealing with this third party company means dealing with a neutral party, a company that verifies if the merchandise is sent and corresponds to what seller agreed with the buyer and release the money only after the merchandise was inspected and accepted. I used this service before and will help us do the deal safe and easy.
You will have an inspection period of 5 to 10 days as we have decided (I think 3-5 days are enough). In this time you can check and inspect the car.
The transport company will have power of attorney to make and sign all documents on my name, they will handle with the entire transaction. An company agent will be there to help you, he will remove the car from the old registration and will help you to register the car on your name.
The payment will be made to the transport company, not to me, after I will start the delivery of the car, when you will receive the tracking number!! If by any reason (the car has any hidden damage or it isn't like I describe it) you can reject the deal. In this case the company will refund you totally amount that you have send to them and send the car back to me on my costs. The car was verified by an company trade qualified auto technician and the car has passed all the tests with no problems.

Please e-mail me with your decision and your full delivery details:
Full Name:
Zip Code:


Mark Base
23:40 (12 ч. назад)

кому: мне
русский   Перевести сообщение
Отключить для языка: английский

I have been to the transport company and I have arranged to start the transport. I have give them the car and all the documents. In this moment they make all the verification of the car and of the documents at Interpol and at Custom Authority and Monday they will start the transport to your address.
Thank you for understanding and sorry for the delay, but the transport company explain to me, that they must verify the car and all the documents of the car before starting the transport.
I will contact you Monday with all details about our transaction, also the transport company will contact you.

Thank you!

кому: Mark

If you have already sent me a car, I suggest to get acquainted on skype. What do you think? Come on you at any time. My nickname - nokiasto

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