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Peter Holt - peterholt72@gmail.com - Volkswagen Tiguan, 2012

Здравствуйте !

Пожалуйста, уделите несколько минут и внимательно прочитайте мою e-mail.

Я прошу прощения, но, что я не владеющих русским языком. Если вы не понимаете английском, пожалуйста, используйте Google Translate, переводы с английского на русский здесь:http://translate.google.ru/#en/ru/

My name is Peter Holt.

I represent an international logistics and financial company. We are selling this vehicle on behalf of a Russian customer ( the owner of the car is a Russian citizen living abroad)

I will explain you all the aspects of the transaction :

  • The car is currently registered in Russia, has Russian documents(TCP) and the customs taxes are already paid by the owner.(Customs clearance)

  • This car belongs to a Russian diplomat who worked in the Russian Embassy here in Germany; it was his personal vehicle.The Owner of the car has signed a Contract with us, and Our company has a notarized Power of Attorney to sell this car in his Behalf, as he cannot return to Russia now and he doesn't have time to take care of the sale;

  • All documents are in order; We are authorized to complete all the legal procedures needed for the sale and registration of the car. We will help and/or assist the Buyer with registration procedure of the vehicle, if requested by the Buyer;

  • All the registrations fees, Customs fees and Taxes Were Previously paid, so there will not be anything to Pay When the car Will be Returned to Russia. The new Buyer of the car WON'T pay any other fees. 

  • The car has been inspected very carefully and meticulously by our certified mechanics, and it really is in Great condition, NO Flaws; (an Inspection Report is available) It looks and runs like new; It does not have a scratch, was kept in a garage, all revisions were made on time at Dealer, NO repairs needed. Also, the number of kilometers is real.

  • The car is located in Bratislava, Slovakia, in our warehouse.  We will deliver the car to any city in Russia. The delivery taxes will be paid by the current owner (in range of 5.000km from Bratislava) If you live farther, We will need your location to calculate extra delivery fees. According to the company, the delivery will take about 7-15 days. 

  • We will make a Sale Contract with the new buyer, where the terms of transaction will be stipulated: the car will be the one in the pictures, in the condition described in my e-mail and in the Inspection Report; The buyer will benefit of 5 days to make his own verification and inspection, as well as the possibility of being refunded in full if something happens during delivery or there are hidden faults found; The transaction is similar to buying a new car from your local dealer. Our company's headquarters are based in Germany and We have all the licenses and certifications for such transactions. Also the transaction will be made accordingly to the EU commerce laws and standards.


If you want further information and a detailed explanation I will need your contact details (name) as well as your location(city) to calculate if there are any extra delivery fees.  I will then put you in contact with our Sales Department Team. 

They will provide you further details regarding the car (including a full inspection of it) and they will explain and guide you through the buying process.

Let me know if you are interested and reply back only if you have MONEY AVAILABLE to purchase the car. We don't make exchanges with other vehicles.

Thank You !




Because We have 50-60 inquiries every day, and in order to keep a record of the conversations with every client, We prefer to communicate via e-mail. It is more efficient and not time costly as a phone conversation.

In order to keep track of all our transactions and past conversations with our clients, it is best if We communicate via e-mail in a written form, as in this way, We are aware, at all time, what We've discussed so far, and We have an evidence in case something unexpected happens.

All conversations are saved and attached to your transaction id for future security reasons.

In this form, it is best for our clients as well, because, if something wrong happens, they can ask for refund and they will receive it in the shortest period of time.


We usually initiate phone conversation with our clients, only after We have delivery process has been initiated, as from that point on the transaction is not affected in any way, and We only We need to discuss specifics related to the delivery such as time, place etc.


Regards !

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