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 I apologize for not answering you in Russian, but I don't speak it fluently!
 I am from Germany, but I have worked for Gazprom company in Moscow, Russia, for a couple of years. Recently, I've moved back to Germany and I am forced to sell  the car I've used in Russia.
 Regarding the car, I can assure you that it is in perfect working condition!
 It looks and runs like new! It does not have a scratch, was kept in a garage, all revisions were made on time, no repairs needed. Also, the number of kilometers is real!
 I do not know the car market very well, but I suppose the price I am asking is a fair one, considering I have no use whatsoever for this car.
 I would also like to mention that the car is registered in Russia and the customs taxes are all paid. The last price is 8.000 Euro.

 I am quite busy with my new job, so please write me back only if you are serious about buying the car and have the money available.

 If you don't speak English, you can translate to Russian here: translate.google.com

Best Regards!
Peter Holt

10.300 km
90 kW (122 HP)
Automatic transmission

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