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TTS Europe Freight Systems - Vehicle Inspection Department - inspection@ttsefsys.eu - Мошенничество
Dear Customer,

  Our customer, Gabriel Delgado, has informed us that you are interested in buying his vehicle, 2011 Volkswagen Amarok DC Highline, price 18.000 Euro.
  First of all, we want to inform you that the vehicle is in our warehouse and it has been inspected by our certified inspectors along with all its documents. The vehicle was never involved in any accident and no report of stolen vehicle was claimed on it. The service book is up to date. There is no outstanding finance or debt on this vehicle.
  We have attached to this e-mail a copy of the vehicle inspection report, provided by our certified department.
  We would like to remind you that the seller has already paid for our services in advance so you don't have to pay any hidden fees.

  Since you are a first time customer, please allow us to make you a short description of who we are and what we do.
  Please click here to view our about us page. You can also download and view our registration certificate and our ISO certificate.
  Please click here to view our vehicle inspection page, so you can see what we check and how prepared our company is when it comes to making a pre-buy inspection.
  Please click here to view our feedback page, with testimonials from a few of our former clients.

  Here are some other pages with references to our company and our services:
1. Newspaper article about a contract signed with Allianz for insurance policies.
2. Newspaper article about extension of operations in the port of Cadiz.
3. Financial results of the company, including last year.
4. Some other references including insurance partners: ECD, as well as different company listing directories: Ezilon, Global business, Europages, Cargo and many others.

  Please confirm that you are ready to proceed so we can continue with your transaction.

Thank you!

Rebeca Montero
Vehicle Inspection Department
TTS Europe Freight Systems S.L.

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