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www.ksd-log-limited.co.uk - KSD Logistics Limited - Развод
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KSD Logistics Limited
The complete shipping and payment solution!

We ship anything, anywhere! Get it there!
KSD Logistics Limited - is dedicated to offer its customers the best services they ever wished and to assure the good develpment of their business.Overnight or overseas,across borders or across town - you can absolutely count on our company services to deliver transportation and payment solutions...and so much more.
Financial Protection Service
Internet fraud costs victims millions each year.Protect yourself with our Financial Protection Service!
We protect both the buyer and seller with a simple, 5-step trust process.
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KSD Logistics Limited Finacial Protection Service

One of the most important service that we offer is peace of mind.

Our financial protection service is one of the most secure and reliable provider of worldwide payment solutions. You can use the escrow service for private property (that is durable, tangible, physical goods). You cannot use the escrow service for real estate (including multiproperty), arms, tickets or other documents that have an expiry date, intangible services or goods for which the consignment of cannot be verified independently by us.

KSD Logistics Limited targets to bring the transactions on the Internet to the ideal level!

ISO 9001 Registered

Our ISO 9001 registration means you can be sure that everyone working for KSD Logistics Limited will perform consistently to the highest standards you expect. It gives us a sound and tangible basis on which to build and improve our service.It's a standard that many of our customers will recognise, especially those who are registered themselves. We are a major player in the industry, capable of coordinating all our franchisees to the same exacting standard. It provides reassurance both to our customers and ourselves, that we are maintaining these standards which are audited twice a year by an officially accredited independent organisation.


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