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base.mark.david@gmail.com - обман
Мне очень жаль, но мой Rusisch не очень хорошо, поэтому пишу на английском языке. Пожалуйста, используйте: http://translate.google.ru/
Если возможно, ответьте мне на английском языке.
Where are you from? I am glad that you are interested to buy my car. The car works and stands in perfect condition, I never had any problems with the engine and the car has no accidents. The price is 5.000 USD. The car is registered in your country and got custom clearance. We live in Exeter Devon that is 200 miles from London, United Kingdom. I am an engineer and I have worked for the oil company in your country, and there I bought the car. The car has all the documents of registration numbers for your country. I am interested in selling the car because here in the United Kingdom I can not register the car (steering wheel should be on the right), and anyway here I have the family car and I do not need a second car. I think the price is very attractive but I want to sell the car as soon as possible. I am agree to Transport the car to your address on my costs.
Here are some more details of my car and some pictures :
2005 Volkswagen Touran 1.9 TDI
220,652 km
77 kW (105 Hp)
Manual gearbox
Cubic Capacity: 1896 cm³
Number of Seats: 5
Door Count: 4/5 Doors
Emission Class:Euro4
Emissions Sticker: 4
Central locking
Climatisation (A/C (man.)
Cruise control
Electric heated seats
Electric windows
Power Assisted
Particulate filter
10x airbag, power steering
2x power windows
Electrically adjustable mirror
CD radio
Tinted rear window
5 - Manual
tonneau cover
Smoking Packet
Best Regards !
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