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Gabriel Delgado - gabrieldelgado73@gmail.com - VIN: SALLMAM748A291140

  The car is now at a shipping company in Almeria, Spain. Before I left to the oil platform, I took the car to this company and signed a contract with them. They are authorized to sell the car for me and they can also provide transportation of the car to your address. 
  I have paid for transportation to Moscow but, if you are further then that, you should ask them for a quote for the new route from Moscow to your address. 
  I would also like to mention that I have paid for customs duties in Russia so you don't have to pay it again. I wanted to use the car in Russia, but I never got the chance to register it because I had to move with my work. 
  Please send me your full name, address and your phone and I will forward them to the shipping company. 
  After that, they will contact you to make arrangements for delivery of the car. 
  The company will bring the car to your home address(or anywhere else you want) and you will have 5 days to inspect the car and the documents before deciding if you buy it or not. If you decide not to buy it, there is no problem because it is an excellent car and I am sure it will be sold really fast. 
  According to the company, the delivery will take about 12-14 days.

Best regards!
Gabriel Delgado
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